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If the brain is involved then the answer is that Neurofeedback can help. The Brain is involved in everything we do.  It controls our fears which set the boundaries of our life.  It controls our ability to concentrate and learn new skills to make new memories and recall old ones. It controls your emotional response, whether you feel stress or excitement, sadness or joy. It controls your creativity and expression, your ability to make and maintain relationships with others. It controls your repetitive thoughts and behaviours that may seem to be in control of you; and of course, the Brain controls every biological function, including our heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. 


How and why our brain function changes and produces negative health problems I will cover at a later date. For now understand that these problematic changes can be reversed with Neurotherapy. That the Brain can change, shouldn't surprise us as it happens every day. Whenever we learn something new we have brought about a change in Brain function. Unfortunately, as we go through life some of these changes are unwanted. We used to think that the gradual accumulation of unwanted changes was a one way street. But through our growing understanding of how the brain works and advanced technology we now know that we can bring about positive change. 


The Ageing Brain


Ageing is a natural process and one we believe should be enjoyed. A time for new freedoms, experiences and priorities. It needn't be a time of fear or declining health, memory or mental functions. 


So if you forget why you just walked into the room a little too often. If you're struggling to adjust to retirement or just feel that you have started to lose some of that mental sharpness or enthusiasm for life. Why not get in touch for a chat.


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