The Balanced Brain

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".......It is amazing to note that even during the sessions I had experienced such an obvious recordable physiological effect. It was like a heavy load was being lifted from my very existence. My mind was now very much clearer and for the first time in many years I could focus on things other than myself. My Wife and family saw an immediate and positive difference in me after I had completed the sessions. My whole emotional state had been transformed. I believe now I have recovered my life and it has rekindled the loving relationship with my wife. I am again all the thing I should have been during the years previous. I am once again chilled, considerate, caring and loving. I drink socially and in moderation. Furthermore, my business ambitions are reawakened and I can get real enjoyment from making it happen, without the fuzzy mindedness or lack of mental stamina..."

FL, West Yorkshire 2014

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