Identifying The Problem

The Brain, A Functional Overview

We know from decades of research that the Brain organises function by location. Different regions of the Brain are involved with different functions. However, the Brain also organises function by the frequency of the electrical signals (Brainwaves). We can 'see' this electrical activity by using EEG equipment and specialist computer software.

Sensor Locations for reading the electrical activity of the Brain
Brainwave Frequencies

 A healthy Brain displays particular patterns and relationships between Brainwaves at different locations problems can show up as areas of too much or too little activity.  

This Brain Map shows the distribution of activity at different frequencies. This Brain shows excessive activity at the back of the Brain in particular frequencies.

How do we change the Brain?

The process we use to bring about change is called Neurofeedback, It has been around in various forms since the 1970's. But like anything based on technology modern systems are much more efficient. Neurofeedback works by exploiting the natural process by which the Brain learns it simply does it in a more efficient and targeted way.  By reading the electrical activity of the Brain, using some fancy computer algorithms to turn those readings into musical tones and feeding it back to the subject with millisecond timing; the Brain changes its activity. It is guided back to a more healthy state with the flexibility to adjust itself to meet the demands of any situation.


The LevelStates Process

  1. First we carry out a Brain Fitness assessment. We measure the electrical activity of your Brain (your Brainwaves). We place read only sensors at various positions on your head, whilst you recline in a chair. We may ask you to perform simple tasks such as memorising some numbers or reading so we can look at your Brain in various states.
  2. We analyse the results, discuss our findings and your goals with you and agree a plan of action.
  3. You attend for a number of sessions where you relax in a chair and listen to the activity of your own Brain in a manner which brings about the desired changes. On occassion we may use video or computer images to enhance the process. Your Brain gradually becomes unstuck and returns to a more balanced, healthy, flexible state.
  4. You get on with Life


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