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Q: So how can listening to sounds change my Brain?  After all I listen to stuff all the time!


A:  The Brain seems to be hardwired to respond to sound, think of the way music can affect our mood and emotions. However, music conforms to an external pattern and any effects on the Brain are temporary. The Brains 'set point' is not changed. With Neurofeedback the tones you hear are based on and respond to changes in the electrical activity in your Brain. Timing is also a critical factor, the feedback loop, the time it takes from an event in your brain to be processed and fed back as a tone is about 0.002 seconds, practicaly instantaneous. The Brain is encouraged to return to its healthy 'set point'. 



Q: How do I know how many sessions I need?

A: This is based on individual goals and is one of the things we discuss at the initial assessment. 



Q: I am currently taking (name of medication), should I stop taking this before undergoing sessions? If I don’t will my training still work?

A: We are not a medical facility and we never advise anyone to stop taking any prescribed medication. We often have success in the presence of various medications, however we can’t say exactly how being on medication will affect a client’s results. If a client chooses to stop taking any medications they are currently on or if the client chooses to decrease dosage, that is a decision they need to come to with the consent of their doctor. We recommend that the client shares their experience with their GP. We also have a letter the client can provide to them to help them understand what we do.


Q: I'm Interested but rather nervous, Can I talk to someone who has had this done?

A: Many of our clients are very excited at the changes they have experienced. Contact us and we will do our best to put you in touch with a previous client.



Q: Can you guarantee results?

A: No, but then results are not guaranteed with medication or talk therapy. Every brain is different, like a fingerprint, so we cannot tell you exactly what your specific results will be. Some people report almost instantaneous relief of symptoms, others experience slower changes taking place over a number of weeks. 


Q: Will my results stick? Is it forever?

A: We cannot guarantee exactly how long your results will last. Most of our clients they are happy with and see it as a one off process. Others become interested in peak performance and come back for additional sessions.  Also, if a client experiences a new trauma after coming in for their initial set of sessions they may find it beneficial to come in again for a few more sessions. 



Q: Can you work with children?

A: Yes, children usually take to the process quicker than adults.


Q: I can get an App/CD etc. which claims to achieve the same results what's the difference?

A: Understanding the Brain and different technologies can be quite daunting, so take your time, if there is anything we can do to help you come to a decision that is right for you we will do our best to accommodate. If you are unclear about different technologies and how they compare use the contact form and we will do our best to explain the different approaches to you.


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